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The Fabric Gallons

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For a limited time, two great products for the price of one! Enjoy matching scents that will eliminate any awful stench from your interior. 

Action Products Odor Eliminator is the perfect solution for any unwanted odors inside your vehicle. Our scent is a clean cool ice scent formulated to remove stubborn odors that can build up over time. This formula is safe for use on fabric and carpeted areas. 

Why this is great:

  • Erase foul smells and odors
  • Cool Ice scent
  • Easy to use, spray and walk away


Action Products Carpet Cleaner is a ready-to-use, dye free spot cleaner for any soft fabric such as carpet or cloth seats. This professional grade cleaner works great as an upholstery pre-spray but can also be used as a final cleaner. Pleasant but clean fragrance. 



  1. Spray product on soiled surface. Allow solution to penetrate the area before wiping or vacuuming.
  2. If necessary, scrub with a brush before vacuuming.
  3. Can be used as upholstery pre-spray.
  4. For greasy fingerprints, simply spray and wipe with a rag.
  5. Allow for adequate dry time.

Why this is great:

  • Quickly eliminates stains
  • Destroys foul odors
  • Infused with enzymes to get the job done
  • Great on any soft surface inside
  • Cool Ice scented