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Action Products Design

Foam Cannon

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Action Products Foam Cannon is designed to saturate everything with thick suds. This gun attaches to any pressure wand with a ¼” quick disconnect inlet. Perfect for spraying any high foaming concentrated soap on exteriors.

Why this is great:

  • Prevents swirl marks and scratches
  • Make any wash easier
  • Minimize wasted product
  • Produces ultra thick foam 

Important Info:

  • Attaches to a pressure washer wand with ¼” connection
  • Safely used at 1,000-3,600 PSI
  • Tank capacity of 32oz or 1L
  • Adjustable dial for spray width
  • Adjustable dial for foam density

Directions for use: Fill tank with 1-3 ounces of desired soap. For best results, use Action Products Extreme Suds or Cherry Wash & Wax. Fill the rest of the tank with water and screw the lid back on. Hook up to a pressure washer and coat the entire vehicle. This foam gun can be used as a pre-soak to remove stubborn mud or debris or at any point during the wash process. 

Pro Tip: To achieve the best results, pressure wash the exterior to remove loose dirt prior to any foam gun sud application. Suds are best used when paired with a wash mitt. Suds will provide more lubrication during the wash process to reduce the risk of swirl marks.