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Action Products Design

Plastic and leather

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Action Products Plastic & Leather provides and maintains an original factory sheen and color. Whether it’s coffee spills, crayon marks, or dirty leather, our plastic and leather cleaner has you covered. Tough on dirt but not tough on your interior. Leaves behind a non-greasy matte finish with a clean fresh cotton scent. 

Directions: Always test new leather products on an inconspicuous spot to ensure desired results are met. Spray product evenly over surface, scrub surface lightly with horsehair cleaning brush. Wipe up any excess cleaner with a microfiber towel. 

Please note: Do not saturate perforated leather seats. 

Why this is great:

  • Clean cotton fragrance
  • Great for plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces
  • Gentle formula that won’t ruin colors or factory sheens