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Action Products Design

Carpet Cleaner

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Action Products Carpet Cleaner is a ready-to-use, dye free spot cleaner for any soft fabric such as carpet or cloth seats. This professional grade cleaner works great as an upholstery pre-spray but can also be used as a final cleaner. Pleasant but clean fragrance. 


  1. Spray product on soiled surface. Allow solution to penetrate the area before wiping or vacuuming.
  2. If necessary, scrub with a brush before vacuuming.
  3. Can be used as upholstery pre-spray.
  4. For greasy fingerprints, simply spray and wipe with a rag.
  5. Allow for adequate dry time.

Why this is great:

  • Quickly eliminates stains
  • Destroys foul odors
  • Infused with enzymes to get the job done
  • Great on any soft surface inside