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Wheel and Tire Cleaner(16oz) & Tire Dressing (16oz) Bundle

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Combine the best of both worlds to ensure a deep clean on your wheels and tires! Our combo includes a 16oz Tire Shine paired with a 16oz Wheel and Tire Cleaner to keep your ride clean. 

Action Products Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a powerful wheel and tire cleaner used to loosen and remove harsh chemicals from the road. This non-corrosive cleaner produces a dense foam that is safe on all wheel types. 

(Please check with manufacturer on polished aluminum, many recommend a simple mix of dish soap and water for cleaning)


  1. Rinse the surface with high pressure spray. 
  2. Apply product only to shady and cool surfaces. Do not allow the product to dry on surfaces. 
  3. For lighter cleaning, dilute solution 2:1 or more depending on soil conditions. 
  4. Rinse completely until the solution is completely removed.

Why this is great:

  • Use for any soiling from brake dust and road contaminants
  • Provides a clean and dry look on tires
  • Easy to use at home or at the car wash
  • Non-Acid, Alkaline Formula

Action Products Tire Shine is a ready to use dressing that provides a long lasting shine. Make your tires look brand new with this non-toxic and biodegradable product. 

Directions: Shake well. Apply to a clean and dry tire. Tire shine can either be sprayed directly on the tire or wiped on with a sponge. Wipe off any excess dressing after allowing tire shine to penetrate the surface.

Why this is great:

  • Low-sling formula
  • Coconut Scent
  • Clean but non-greasy wet look
  • Designed for any tire size