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Action Products Design

The Soap Bundle

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The bundle where you get to try Hyper Foam, Wash & Wax, Graphene Soap, and pair it with our Foam Cannon! All soaps are great for bucket or cannon use.

Action Products Foam Cannon
is designed to saturate everything with thick suds. This gun attaches to any pressure wand with a ¼” quick disconnect inlet. Perfect for spraying any high foaming concentrated soap on exteriors.

Why this is great:

  • Prevents swirl marks and scratches
  • Make any wash easier
  • Minimize wasted product
  • Produces ultra thick foam 


Important Info:

  • Attaches to a pressure washer wand with ¼” connection
  • Safely used at 1,000-3,600 PSI
  • Tank capacity of 32oz or 1L
  • Adjustable dial for spray width
  • Adjustable dial for foam density


Directions for use: Fill tank with 1-3 ounces of desired soap. For best results, use Action Products Extreme Suds or Cherry Wash & Wax. Fill the rest of the tank with water and screw the lid back on. Hook up to a pressure washer and coat the entire vehicle. This foam gun can be used as a pre-soak to remove stubborn mud or debris or at any point during the wash process. 

Pro Tip: To achieve the best results, pressure wash the exterior to remove loose dirt prior to any foam gun sud application. Suds are best used when paired with a wash mitt. Suds will provide more lubrication during the wash process to reduce the risk of swirl marks.