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Action Products Design

The Interior Bundle

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Fresh bundle release: The Interior Essentials from Action Products.


Includes: Odor Eliminator, Universal Interior, Plastic & Leather, Glass Cleaner, and Carpet Cleaner.


Action Products Interior Essentials provides a all the chemicals you need to tackle anything from touch ups and spills to a full interior detail job. Whether it’s coffee spills, crayon marks, or dirty leather, our interior kit has you covered. These products are safe on any interior surface for any vehicle. Please always read directions on each product for proper usage.


  • Odor Eliminator: Clean Ice
  • Universal Interior: Coconut Lime Verbena
  • Plastic & Leather: Clean Cotton
  • Glass Cleaner: Crisp & Clean
  • Carpet Cleaner: Clean Ice

Why this is great:

  • Perfect for weekend warriors and car enthusiasts 
  • Great for both hard and soft surfaces
  • Gentle formulas that won’t ruin colors or factory sheens