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Action Products Design

Interior Detailer

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Action Products Interior Detailer is a versatile one-step solution to clean up your interior. This formula will clean and protect any surface such as: dashboards, steering wheels, shifters, touch screens, cup holders, etc. This cleaner is anti-static to prevent future dust build up. Effective for removing any grime, dirt, sticky residues, or any unwanted spills. Non-greasy finish with a citrus scent.

Directions: Test product on inconspicuous spot to check for results. Simply spray Interior Detailer on any dirty surfaces. Let soak on stick residue and in cup holders. Wipe away any dirt, grime or residue. Buff away and remaining streaks with a separate clean and dry microfiber towel.

Why this is great:

  • Clean citrus scent
  • Great for any surface inside your vehicle: steering wheels, door panels, consoles, nav screens, etc.
  • Effective for any job from light dust to sticky residue inside cup holders.
  • Anti-static formula to minimize future dust buildup.
  • Built in UV protectant