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Action Products Design

Extreme Suds

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Available in 16oz. For a limited time, buy a 12 pack case of 16oz on sale!

Action Products Extreme Suds provides superior lubrication during the mitting process to reduce the risk of swirl marks and scratches. This soap is a neutral pH, biodegradable agent that is perfect for loosening dirt on exterior surfaces without leaving behind water spots. Use Extreme Suds for rich suds to shoot through a foam cannon. With a 1000:1 dilution ratio, we have the thickest suds in the industry!

Directions: Fill foam gun with water first, then 1-2 ounces of Extreme Suds. 

Why this is great:

  • Does NOT harm existing waxes or ceramic coatings
  • Reduces the risk of swirl marks during washes
  • Blueberry scented
  • Most concentrated Suds on the market